A 47-Year-Old Woman With Pulmonary Nodules and Facial Hemispasms

      Case Presentation

      A 47-year-old woman visited her primary physician for a health check, and some radiographic abnormalities were detected. She was referred to our division for further management. In recent years, she had become conscious of occasional facial hemispasms. She denied respiratory symptoms, smoking, alcohol consumption, and any particle inhalation. She had undergone oophorectomy and platinum-based chemotherapy because of ovarian cancer (serous cystadenocarcinoma stage Ⅰa) at the age of 29 years, with no recurrence for 17 years. The patient was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) 5 years before being seen by us and had been treated with bucillamine. No signs of RA progression were evident, and the only used antirheumatic drug was bucillamine. The patient had no history of use of immune-modulating drugs or immunosuppressants. No previous chest radiographs or CT had been performed.

      Key Words

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